For Nompumelelo Zwane, the key to changing the world comes at the click of a mouse. The 22-year-old is currently completing her final year in graphic design at the Durban University of Technology but is adamant about making her unique mark on the world of design and advertising.

“I want to be a vessel that drives positive change for the world we live in through design,” Nompumelelo said.

The young designer felt the pull of the creative industry from a young age. “I couldn’t see myself doing anything other than being in a creative space, even though my mother thought I was making the wrong decision, thinking I would be a starving artist!”

Her positive outlook has served her well in recent years. In 2009, she lost her father – the family breadwinner. Since then, Nompumelelo and her family have been getting by on the goodwill of their extended family.

Despite the difficulties, Nompumelelo’s desire to unleash her potential has remained intact, making her an ideal recipient of Logico’s annual bursary. “Logico was truly sent to me from above. I can now complete my studies and help contribute to the needs of my family,” Nompumelelo said.

Although new to the industry, the designer-in-training has already achieved a remarkable milestone.  Her design was selected to raise awareness of the DUT graphic design department’s year-end exhibition.  The feat was that much more impressive considering Nompumelelo was a transfer student. “It was the perfect way to end the academic year!”  she exclaimed.

Nompumelelo will put her design skills to use in the Logico studio during the holidays.