Here are some of their highlights from the four-day! show.

As creatives, why is it important to visit Design Indaba and similar expos? 

Rakesh Naidoo: It is a great opportunity to network with fellow creatives. We are exposed to current and future trends.

It is the largest design indaba in the world showcasing the most inspirational speakers, and how we as designers can make a difference to the world.

Lephoi Maduna: It’s important to stay in touch with what’s happening in the design world, with not only local but also international design trends.

What the most outstanding aspect of this year’s Design Indaba for you and why did it make an impact on you?

RN: I liked the fact that so many designers are thinking not just about design but about how we can change our world for the better!

LM: The way talks were presented. It wasn’t just the usual “here is my work, this is what I have done” type talks, but more interactive, personal and exciting. Seeing design play a role in areas you wouldn’t think needed creative thinking.

What were your thoughts on the emerging talent this year?

RN: It was great to see young designers applying their design skills to both new media as well as old school craftsmanship. The most beautiful object was won by an artist that applied Ndabele art to hand woven rugs.

LM: Some really good ideas and minds. But I must admit I did feel there were maybe too many emerging talent talks.

What was the most valuable take-away from the entire event for you?

RN: The Duct Tape – Red Flag scenario. The CEO of Air BNB, spoke of how duct tape was used to mend broken items. His advice was to look for items in our environment that have duct tape on them, imagine it’s a red flag to bad design, and use this opportunity as a designer to improve on such designs!

LM: Forget the box, it’s time to think outside a completely new shape!

How would you describe 2017’s Design Indaba in one word?

RN: Is “FabulouslyCreativeOutstandingInspiringBestExperienceEver!” one word?

LM: What-a lot-I-got (if that counts as one word).

And lastly, what inspires your creativity/ how do you ensure you stay “fresh”?

RN: Stay away from routine, look elsewhere/everywhere for inspiration, and yes, creativity inspires creativity! It is infectious!

LM: Getting different perspectives. People see things differently, that can be a good thing in the design and creative process.