“In an era that demands credibility, authenticity, good corporate citizenship and thought leadership from companies, Public Relations is a sought after service that has stimulated the growth of our business and added substance to clients’ communication programmes,” says Jozi Meth, Logico’s PR Director, who started this division.

Introduced in 2011 in response to client need, Public Relations was a one-man show for a few years until Yashtee Sookdew joined the team in 2015. Together they worked on Public Relations for LexisNexis, Transnet National Ports Authority and ad hoc projects for Logico clients. Exciting, challenging and often stressful, the duo worked harmoniously as Logico’s PR department until a greater demand for services required additional resources.

Enter Thabile Majozi and Kim Blom, Logico’s newest additions to team PR!

Thabile is a Public Relations and Communication Science graduate with seven years’ work experience, gained predominantly in the public sector. A tenacious 28-year-old, who is in touch with global trends. Thabile brings a youthful yet mature energy to the team. To her, PR is about creating “an invaluable experience for those who you come into contact with”. “Our job as PR practitioners is to create a seamless and organic link between ourselves, our stakeholders and the products/brands and services we work with,” she says.

Thabile’s top on-the-job experience was when she got the opportunity to work with Oscar award winning actress, Terry Pheto, and GQ Magazine photographer, Trevor Stuurman on the Durban International Film Festival’s Leading Lady Project in 2014 and 2015.

Kim, a mother of five, who spent the last few years running her own consultancy from home, is a force to be reckoned with. She holds a Diploma in Public Relations and has around 25 years’ experience under her belt. Her foray back into the fast-paced corporate communications industry has been exciting. “Moving back into a formal work environment after so many years of working from my home office, on my own, was daunting but there is a great sense of community at Logico. I really enjoy the diversity of the client base and workload.”


Now a strong team of four, Logico’s PR wing is enriched with diversity, freshness and pure talent. “It is extremely satisfying to witness the growth of the team and to draw on the varied experience and strengths we have developed in our PR careers,” Jozi adds.