COVID-19 has changed, and will continue to change the way we work, live, interact and learn. There can be no doubt about that. And those thinking that once we move through the various lockdown stages, we will be free to go back to life as we knew it, are either living under a rock, or up a river in Egypt called Denial.

The world will not be the same. The economy will not be the same. Work and school will not be the same. But how do we embrace this new world and, as the famous lyrics go, “Make it a better place for you and for me and the entire human race”?

Looking beyond our own personal bubble, our own circumstances, our own fears and troubles would be the first step to making a meaningful move towards a brighter future. It would be easy to internalise all that is going on – salary decreases or job losses, the disruption to education, fear of illness – and turn inwards to a dark and gloomy reality. But we cannot allow ourselves to do that, we need to try to work towards a common goal, a better world. We need to step out of our comfort zones, switch off Netflix and get off YouTube and find ways we can ALL make a difference.

Start by using your skills. In my case, I love to write so how can I use my writing skills to help others? I can write blog posts for charities, encourage and help my clients to motivate their staff, I can use social media as a tool and share positive stories, news and projects. As an agency and SMME, Logico Creative Solutions has supported an initiative to bring meals to the underprivileged. We have created content for letters to garner support from businesses and the general public, designed logos and worked on a website. We have also used our skills to create educational tools and materials for clients, often at reduced rates, to help them keep their staff and public safe during this difficult time.

Providing Pro-Bono or reduced-fee services at a time when you are worried about providing salaries to your staff or meeting your rent obligations, may seem cost-prohibitive or simply put – just crazy. But it is a way to motivate and encourage your staff and clients, so that when we get out on the other side of this pandemic, we have done our bit to make this a better place. And not only will our resumes show that when the “going got tough” we got going, our staff and clients will remember that we stood by them and the most vulnerable members of our society.

Use what is in your hands. Look at what you have in your own hands too. This need not be money or involve a vast amount of time. If you can sew, start making masks and donate these to your neighbours, a local charity or a beggar in the street. If sewing is not your thing, dig out or buy fabric and donate to NGO’s that are making masks. Just remember to follow sanitary protocols when sewing or delivering – wash your hands and wear your own mask.

There are many other ways to help. Get onto social media and share worthy initiatives. Missing your regular coffee-shop fix?  Take a pic of your home-brewed cuppa and donate the equivalent of what you would have spent on a coffee date to Afrika Tikkun, who are delivering food parcels to those in need. Share your pic and tag @kindnesscup on Instagram. If you are not able to donate, merely sharing the initiative with those who may be able, will create awareness of the need out there. Look for other causes that need exposure such as The Domino Foundation, Gift for the Givers or Ingane Yami and share these with your friends and followers – even if you are not able to assist them yourself, maybe someone in your network can?

Minimalism is In. This is a great time to tackle that decluttering you have wanted to do for so long. The easing of lockdown strictures will still mean many people are out of work and going hungry. We are bound to see increased numbers of garbage scavengers desperate for food, clothing and winter blankets as we head into the colder season. Take the time to go through your clothing and food storage areas and prepare bags for donation.  Leave these out on the verge in a clear, sanitised bag, with a message saying, “Please help yourself”.

Do some research and find a local shelter that needs cleaning products or food, or the items mentioned above, and drop these off on your next food run. Adding a bag of rice, some soap or a few extra non-perishables to our grocery haul is something that many of us can do. It may involve the sacrifice of luxuries, or even tightening of our own belts, but will help those in dire need. And to be honest, some of our belts have certainly taken a hit during the extended lockdown!

Stay sane. Stay healthy. Do something for yourself daily. Walk outside if you are able to do so safely. Open a window and get some sun if you cannot leave your home. Wave to neighbours. Say hello. Have a dance party – with your children, your partner, your friend on Zoom. Smile with your eyes. If keeping yourself safe and sane is all you are able to do at this point – just do that. Let that be enough.

Let us take a moment to be grateful for what we have, remember those who have less, or who have lost, and share what we can. Let’s make the world we go back to, a better place for the entire human race.

Kim Blom

Kim Blom
PR Consultant
Logico Creative Solutions