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A great idea begins with a team of logical thinkers…

We are a marketing and communications agency that offers creative, effective and professional solutions. We do the homework and evaluate the context – then apply our minds to communicating creatively so your message hits the mark.

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What's Up?

Celebrating Women in a Digital Era

We are lucky to work for clients who have gone to great lengths to challenge convention when it comes to gender equity

Reminder: Catch your Breath

While in many ways, the lockdown has brought us closer to our families as we work from home – it has also changed the…

How creatives get their groove back

An inclusive and dynamic environment is where many team players find their strength. This is particularly true for the…

Coming Home from Work Without Leaving my Space

Here's a thought… on life under lockdown. MD Janet Wilson shares her tips on staying productive and happy during…

Normal is Boring

Normality, what is that? As a mother to quadruplet teenagers at home and another 12 honorary children of various ages…

Improve your virtual experience with 8 simple tips

The swift changeover to remote working and virtual meetings was initially surprisingly successful – particularly for…

How PR professionals can support their media peers

With marketing and media budgets usually (unwisely) among the first to be slashed when companies find themselves in…

Made of Solid Stuff

There are things that I thought had purpose in my life and brought some degree of fulfillment, but in the light of this…

Make it a better place

The world after COVID-19 can be better than the world before. How can we be a part of making that a reality?

Brainstorming with Myself

Being home-based during lockdown – and beyond – has been a surprisingly rejuvenating time for me as a writer.

Courtesy under constraints

The constrained circumstances in which we find ourselves call for heightened levels of emotional intelligence and…

Let’s get to the point

By getting to the point, we compel people with pertinent information and something inspirational to think about and, in…

Adapting to change

What do you do when that revenue stream is taken away from you? How do you continue to provide a valuable service to…

Old Dog vs New Tricks

With 161 dog years (that’s 23 in human years) experience under his collar, Creative Director Rakesh Naidoo knows just…

UTV Launch

Logico recently assisted Unilever with their newest venture - the launch of an in-house TV channel. UTV is an…

Logico’s public relations team grows

In an era that demands credibility, authenticity, good corporate citizenship and thought leadership from companies,…

A new feather in our cap

Logico is proud to welcome consumer goods leader, Unilever South Africa to our client base!

We are now 51% black owned

Following share transfers from three of the original partners to newer members of the leadership team, Jozi Meth…

Phumzile Dlamini…

“The most valuable lesson I have learned here at Logico is something very simple. I am a very shy person, but working…

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