Celebrating Women in a Digital Era Artwork

Celebrating Women in a Digital Era

Here’s a thought…

We are lucky to work for clients who have gone to great lengths to challenge convention when it comes to gender equity, and over the years I have had the opportunity to take part in many campaigns that tell the story of female empowerment: from marches through the Port of Durban to gala dinners that honour the success of women in industry.

In a world that asks us all to keep our distance, we’ve had to re-assess the ways that we acknowledge people – and Women’s Month was an opportunity to experiment with ways of utilising digital platforms to celebrate milestones and accomplishments.

One success story is the way that we’ve been able to use WhatsApp as a platform to engage with employees and stakeholders around the country – telling real stories and finding ways to connect people as we adjust to a working environment that keeps us apart.

In our TNPA Women’s Month mobile campaign, employees of the Port Authority nominated female ambassadors, sharing positive quotes about these role models. It gave us a way of regularly acknowledging the women who have made inroads in a traditionally male working environment and spoke to some of the changes that the industry has had to make in transforming for a better future.

By prompting a call to action in nominating female role models, and by utilising an agile mobile platform like WhatsApp – the campaign allowed for meaningful dialogue that talked to some of the qualities that women have had to call upon to change perception in what was once a very unsympathetic, macho industry.

Yes, we miss the gala dinners and the celebrations that came with the old world – but in bringing campaigns to a digital space, we started a national conversation. In a way, that is more important.

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