Normal is Boring

Normality, what is that?

As a mother to quadruplet teenagers at home and another 12 honorary children of various ages at work – there is no normality!

Lack of normality is the way of life and as scary and challenging as life is now, it is exciting!

How do we cope in these strange times? How do we survive? How do we ensure our business [ – wink wink] prospers? How do we climb this Everest? How do we overcome these testing times?

I am not sure anyone has the right answer or solution. In trying to find the most suitable, I attend, like most of us, webinar after webinar – what could be more valuable than free expert advice, knowledge, and wisdom?

Well, how about putting words into action?

As social media strategist and enthusiast Susan Cooper says, “Engage, Enlighten, Encourage and especially… just be yourself! Social media is a community effort, everyone is an asset”.

It is so easy to click on a ‘thumbs up’, a ‘heart’, or give a ‘like’ – but how about saying something and having an effective two-way conversation?

If you are moved by content, let the creator know. Tell them; ‘great post’, ‘meaningful quote’, ‘amazing ad / creative design work’. Let’s use those descriptive adjectives we were told to use in school.

Be abnormal. Have a conversation using words of encouragement, strength, and support. This is an opportunity to build on relationships, learn about one another and maybe, we all might benefit personally and in business!

Let us be a community of sharing, giving, and communicating.

Let us have a positive impact on someone else and be abnormal!

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